About Care Clift

Carolyn “Care” Clift was a candidate in the 2018 Lt Governor race in Alaska. 

She is running as an Undeclared Candidate for State Senate District N in 2020.


Carolyn “Care” Clift came to Alaska in 1979 to teach 5th-6th grade in a village on the Kuskokwim River. She raised three children and held a variety of education, social services, and healthcare jobs including Aniak Daycare Center Director and Reading Director/Teacher. Those jobs involved budgets, accounting, and grant-writing.

In the mid-90s, Care moved to Anchorage to complete her Special Education certification and was immediately hired by the Anchorage School District to teach Preschool and then K-6th Grade Special Education for the next 14 years.

After retiring in 2010, she began part-time teaching at the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School and concurrently became very active in the Alaska Libertarian Party(ALP). She retired again in 2013 and ran for Governor in 2014, for the Libertarian Party. In 2018, the ALP Board asked her to run for Lt. Governor on a nominating petition, because no one had signed up.

She is a part-time water fitness instructor, and has been active as a volunteer as the State Director for the Our America Initiative and on the Platform Committee for the National Libertarian Party. Currently, she serves on the core committee for FairVote Anchorage, a group that advocates for Ranked Choice Voting in the municipal elections. She is a “card-carrying” member of the National Libertarian Party, but has changed her voter registration to Undeclared so that she can represent all voters from all party affiliations.

Although unsuccessful in the Toien-Clift Governor’s race in 2018, Care is ready to take her expertise to Juneau, as District N’s new state senator!