“Stop the Duopoly!” for fair elections and open debates

If elected to the State legislature, Care will sponsor legislation that does away with the expensive and unnecessary Primary elections.  They have been a joke, with candidates trading out after the election (2014, 2016), and U.S. candidates from out-of-state (2014, 2016, 2018).  The exclusive Republican ballot was designed as a special privilege to only the Republican candidates.  Every party and political group should have its own party convention/voting, in the spring, and select one nominee for every open candidacy.   Care will encourage legislation to open our elections to more choices.

The Alaska laws, concerning ballot access requirements, discourage alternate parties. The requirement of “3%” as the number of registrants in a political party is too high, and has been found unconstitutional in other states. The closed, publicly-funded primary, mentioned above, discourages registration as a third-party voter, and encourages registration as a nonpartisan or undeclared voter, so that a voter can vote in either of the two primaries.  Care will propose legislation to lower the percentage of voters required to have a political party. 

We should adopt Ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to vote for their favorite candidates, instead of the most electable.  Care will support the initiative proposed by Alaskans for Better Elections, if it makes it to the Ballot. This initiative will do away with the two-primary system, making only one primary, open to all candidates and all voters. The legislators also need to do away with the Majority and Minority “Binding” caucuses, which perpetuate the two-party duopoly and have caused many problems in 2019.  Care will propose legislation to do away with the “binding” caucuses.

“Taxation is Theft” of the PFD and hard-earned income

Libertarians oppose any kind of income tax, but I am most disgusted with regressive taxes (the PFD robbery), and progressive taxes (like the federal income tax). Dividends belong to the citizens.   I will work hard so that the citizens have the chance to vote for or against any broad-based taxes.  I will also approve Constitutional Amendments to protect the PFD or to approve or disapprove of any new taxes.

Taxing businesses, even the oil businesses, is also the wrong approach to growing the private economy. Businesses that rely on our natural resources, as in tourism, film-producing, and mining, should pay flat percentage fees and royalties that will continue into the future.    We also need to quit taxing small businesses, and need to encourage entrepreneurship by easing regulations.

In January 2018, I looked at the PFD application for a place to mark how much I voluntarily could give back to the State government.  I saw lists of charities, but no place to say what percent of the PFD I would donate back.   People vote with their wallets.  Restore the full PFD, and let individuals decide what their taxes will be!   We could put a section on the PFD application to submit additional monies to the State.    We could call it a “voluntary tax.”  

“No more Nanny State”—End the Welfare State and Consolidate Education Expenses

The two largest departments in the general budget are Health and Social Services, and Education. Most of my professional life has been in these areas. We need sincere efforts for curbing the waste, fraud, and injustice in these departments. Consolidating school districts and offering online courses to rural students can save greatly on personnel costs and improve test scores.  To break the welfare cycle, our public schools must offer instruction in taking personal financial responsibility for choices, instead of relying on the state to support our families. I can work with the public unions to be part of the process, too. As for Social Services, it is beyond belief that Alaska has one of the highest percentages of children in foster care in the nation. I am well-known as a crusader for Parents’ Rights. Judges should be held accountable for excessive Terminations of Parental Rights.  In the medical area, payments to medical providers need to be prompt and accurate.